My Portfolio Project that I've worked from 2008 -2024

High Speed Diesel (HSD) and Gas Engine Power Plant Project

Sumberdaya Sewatama

2008 – 2010

It consists of multiple projects across the region with a variety of customers. The primary customer is PLN; others are utilities, mining, power, petrochemical, and O&G. The project consists of civil, mechanical & piping, and electrical. The project’s budget varies from $5 million to $30 million. The total project constructs more than 60 Megawatt electricity.

Underground Project - Expansion, Facilities, Fans, and Utilities

Freeport Mcmoran Indonesia


. The projects include fans, conveyors, utilities in the Underground , and surface infrastructure (camps, electricity, batch plant, etc.). The total capital is > $150 Million.


Independent Coal Power Plant - Sumsel 2X 150 MW

PT DSSP – Sumsel 

2012 – 2013

The project aims to build the 2 X 150 MW Coal Fired Power Plant. The project comprises civil (earthworks and structure), mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation. The project is located in Bayung Lencir, Sumsel – Indonesia. Phases start with permits, design engineering, land compensation, procurement, construction, and commissioning. The total project budget is $350 Million.

Cikampek - Palimanan Toll Road

Opus International Consultant

2013 – 2015

The project is the express highway for 116 km, consisting of pavements (concrete and asphalt), roads, bridges (under and upper), drainages, civil infrastructures ( offices and rest area), and other miscellaneous. This is the longest toll road built in the West Java area. The project’s total budget was over , with over five subcontractors involved. The project was completed within the date targeted and was commissioned early. 

Petrochemical Plant - Paper and Viscose Project



Paper machine projects consist of Civil works, Mechanical – tanks, piping, mechanical equipment, electrical, and instrumentation—the project budget is over $300 Million. The project is completed ahead of schedule.
The viscose project budget is more than $1.2 Billion. Consist of three main plant and other balance of plants.

Study, Design and Execution for Various Mining Project



It consists of multiple project studies and also executions. Spans from coal to mineral projects. From the studies for the gold mining for Masimindo, Mining road for Eramet, Expansion projects for Elang – Amman Mineral, Smelter, and other studies for various gold national and international. Execution monitoring for Vale – Sumbawa Timur Mining, Road and Coal processing plant for ADARO, and development for Nickel Project for Solway – Sulawesi Resource.

Tujuh Bukit (TB) Project for Underground Mining, Processing Plant and Infrastructure


2021 – PRESENT

This is the underground project in Tujuh Bukit – Indramayu. The project intends to mine the copper and produce copper concentrate, pyrite, and other mineral extraction. The project started with the concept study to the Feasibility study, while the underground development commenced for exploration purpose.  The project consists of the mine, process plant, port, DSTP, and other supporting infra (i.e. Camp, Substation, Power, road).  The total input for the project start with 4 MTPA to 24 MTPA from SLC to Panel Cave.  WIth start of budget over $500 Million and ramp up to more than $1.2 Billion.